We are a multidisciplinary, dynamic, and creative group. Our team is made up of curators, designers, art handlers, architects, project managers, accessibility and visitor-experience experts.


We place at the center the quality of our working process to guarantee the visitor’s best experience.

“We” is an inclusive concept, one that shows our willingness to combine all the actors: from collaborators to clients, from suppliers to a project’s final destination that we help create.  Understanding the responsibility we have in the face of the visitor, we make a priority to create quality, engaging exhibition spaces, able to make culture accessible.


We aim to constantly innovate on the entire process of exhibiting culture, from concept to display.


Our experience in managing complex projects and creativity are always made available to maximize the quality of our proposals.  The “We Exhibit” style is based on the understanding of needs and definition of common objectives, always in the framework of coordination and a clear and shared process.

Our team

Inclusion, respect, and professionalism are our key values that make our team work. A constant multidisciplinary comparison is what defines the quality of our designs.

Davide De Carlo

Board Member

Head of Project Management

Nicolas D'Oronzio

Board Member

Head of Creative Design

Giovanni Dantomio

Board Member

Head of Media and Technologies

Lili Xu

Board Member

Business Development Asia

Valentina Chiesi

Head of Exhibit Design

Laura Valentino

Exhibition Designer

Susanna Busatta

Junior Exhibition Designer

Cristina Brena

Junior Exhibition Designer

Anna Scorretti


Alessandra Dal Mos


Elena Pagliaricci

Asian department

HR and Project Manager

Cecilia De Gasperi

Project Manager and Head of Communication

Diletta Tubini

Hospitality and Events Manager

Maria Bagnara

Assistant Project Manager

Marianna Turri

Assistant Project Manager

Nicole Moolhuijsen

Visitors' Experience & Training Consultant

Maria Chiara Ciaccheri

Content and Accessibility Designer

Irina Ivanova

Museography Designer

Francesca Martini

Graphic Designer

Tommaso Sartori

AVL Technician

Nicolò De Giosa

Head of Logistics and Operations

Andrea Aiello

Operations Manager

Julie Jeanne Viard

Art Handler

Marco Sandi

Art Handler

Luana Sitta

Admin and Accountant

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