We organize, design and manage exhibitions on local and international scale meeting the needs of curators, artists and producers.

Our integrated system of art services includes assistance on exhibition design, project management, logistic and transport.

We work in partnership with high profile businesses in and outside Venice and offer services for museums, foundations and galleries also in restyling collections, interpretation and developing audience interactions.


Our efficiency is the result of a good planning, a clear project and a constant 

supervision. We organize our work to meet deadlines in order to avoid last rushes. 

We want to move up difficulties and work always in transparency with our clients, 

finding perfect locations for exhibitions in and outside Venice. We also take care of all the security documents and permissions.

We lead our team to meet 

deadlines and we are trained to manage risks. 

We like to maintain high professional standards by 

carefully handling artworks,

meeting international 

standards, and paying 

attention for all the details

during the set - up process. We select and train personnel in order to create experts art-handlers. We like to work in a respectful and harmonious atmosphere as the first  key to success.


We organize our work to overcome complications and to meet deadlines. Our efficiency is the result of an accurate planning, a clear project and a constant supervision. We want to move up difficulties and always work in transparency with our clients, finding perfect locations for exhibitions, in and outside Venice.

We take care of all the security documents and permissions. We also provide assistance in communication, surveillance, vernissage organization and public relations.


We built up a dedicate team for studying, designing and realizing the whole exhibition giving continuity to the project. We have a special attention to the design solutions for delicate artworks and complex installations. We are supported by local technical specialists and we employ proper materials to provide excellent results.

Understanding the needs and the wishes of our clients is the first step to achieve an immersive and engaging display for temporary and permanent exhibitions.


We schedule with precision all the steps of the exhibiting process from installation to dismantling. We work maintaining high profile standards: we are persuaded that details make the difference. That’s why we take care of the whole set up process, selecting and training personnel in order to guarantee high quality results in a respectful and synergistic atmosphere.

art is in the process


We take care of your project,

 from idea to exhibition,  providing all the services needed.